Sarah Paulson’s Talks Sex Toys

Starting in 2020 Sarah Paulson will star in the new TV series Ratched.  The show follows the life of a nurse as she get bored with her duties at a hospital and starts behaving a bit off the wall.  During an interview with entertainment magazine, she revealed that it’s one of the kinkier characters she has played yet.  She also hinted that some of the scenes get a bit steamy and even use a couple of sex toys, dildos, and vibrators.  Needless to say that got everyone’s attention a bit, we’d all love to see some more sex scenes like what was in American Horror Story.  Some of the production assistants revealed they were using only the best dildos, and those picked by Sarah herself.  Some rumours hinted they might be upwards of a few thousand dollars and created by famous artists.  However this story may be just a rumour as it was sourced from some less reliable sources.  Either way we are in for a hot year in 2020!

Ratched premiers in February 2020 on HBO

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