Speaking out about Sex Workers and Sites Like Backpage.com

Sex Workers have been up and arms about the law passed by Donald Trump which makes it difficult for them to find clients safely online.  Protestors have been making their voices heard in DC this past weekend after the bill was passed.  Sites where sex workers used to post, like backpage.com and craigslist personals, were taken down after the bill.  backpage.com was also doing some shady things to be sure, but it did provide a safe place for sex workers to verify their clients and expand their profession.

Sarah Paulson had remained silent about the issue until last week when she mentioned that she thinks it’s awful what Donald Trump is doing in office right now.  And she’s right, sex workers are people too after all, it’s unfair to discriminate against someone just because of what they do for a living, even if it’s not exactly something you discuss at Christmas dinner with grandma and grandpa.

The media have been a frenzy with the recent news about backpage and craigslist personals. Other sites have made polls asking sex workers what they think the best backpage alternatives replacements are now.  And dozens of new sites have been started, like Switter, Tryst, Eros, and escortdirectory.com to try and fill the hole left by backpage.com.  Hopefully when this trump era ends we can see oppressive stuff like this reversed, but only time will tell.

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