Bluechew and Cara Delevingne’s new Sex Bench

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you probably saw the pictures where Cara Delevinge was seen bringing a new sex bench into her house.  Forbes magazine even wrote about it, don’t these people have anything better to do than stalk Cara all day and night? Leave her personal life alone for goodness sakes.

Another article in forbes had to do with the new ED medicine bluechew, which is like viagra and cialis apparently, but it comes in a subscription service. Do we really need a subscription service for everything?  Food is understandable, but now ED medicine and birth control, too?   People have been reviewing it like mad, one blog said that it actually tastes good compared to viagra, like candy.  Hopefully they can make all pills be chewable and tasty?  Don’t stop with viagra and vitamins, lets make everything from dick pills, to anti-depressants, to birth control be a tasty chewable.  They’ll have my support for sure.

As far as risks go, the FDA still warned people about bluechew, saying that it is better to go visit an actual doctor rather than try to get any ED medicine online.  The reason is that blue chew had side effects like heart problems, strokes, and even blindness.  I don’t know if that justifies the benefit of a harder erection.  I guess it’s a risk some people are just willing to take.

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